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Protect the over 75s TV Licence

The Tories have broken their promise to protect older people.

Not only have they slashed funding for adult social care services, plunging countless older people into loneliness, but now they’re also stripping over 75s of their free TV licence.

Watching the television can be a lifeline for older people. At a time where pensioner poverty is rising, having a free TV licence gives older people access to the world outside of their homes and their day to day lives.

Taking their free licence away – forcing them to fork out £154.50 per year – is an act of cruelty.

We believe that older people deserve fairer treatment than this, and will oppose any cuts to universal pensioner benefits.

If you stand with us, add your name to our petition.

Add your name to our petition


people have called to protect the over 75 TV Licence

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