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We did it.

Thanks to the thousands of people who stood by carers with us, the Government scrapped the charge! Now health and care workers from abroad no longer have to pay a surcharge to use the NHS.

Together we can build a better society that values our key workers.

This petition is now closed. But we still need your help. Why not add your voice to one of our other petitions?

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Sign the petition to end coronavirus food poverty

Tell the Government: Stop charging NHS workers from overseas to use the NHS

Every Thursday we stand on our doorsteps and clap for our carers and healthcare workers – every single one of them putting themselves at risk to care for us.

Some of these essential workers come from overseas and, as a result, are made to pay a fee to use the NHS they work in. The Tories are increasing this fee from £400 to £624 in October this year.

This would take a care worker being paid the National Living Wage more than 70 hours to repay. When NHS workers give so much to the NHS, they shouldn’t have to pay at all.

We’re calling on the Government to scrap the charge.

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people have called to scrap the charge.

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