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Firstname, you were the 44,353,288th baby welcomed into the world by our NHS.

In all likelihood, the first person you ever saw was a member of NHS staff.

See how many people the NHS has helped in the past X minutes

In the seconds you’ve been reading this:

prescriptions have been given out to patients

During the same time:

people have been to an NHS A&E unit

NHS ambulances have been sent to people whose lives are in immediate danger

And finally:

Firstname, while you’ve been reading this welcomed into the world in NHS maternity wards.

Firstname, there are 9,675,400 men and women in Britain today who experienced life here before the NHS.

Below, you can read some of their memories and stories.

“My mother was a very long time in labour with me, and was hospitalised for a forceps delivery. Apparently when she first saw me I had a black eye and one arm in a sling. I recovered well, but the cost was £5. My father was then a low- ranking RAF serviceman, and that was almost a month's wages.” - Christopher, 75, Devon, born nine years before the NHS

“My abiding memory of the days before the NHS was the fear in my mother’s eyes when my brother or I became ill. That is all it takes.” - Tom, 79, Warwickshire, born 13 years before the NHS

“My father was a railway worker, so we were very poor. My mother got breast cancer in 1947, just a year before the NHS arrived. We had to pay a doctor to have him tell us the worst news. She got sick very quickly and died, suffering, when I was 13. People tend to take the NHS for granted now, but we must not forget how bad things were.” - David, 77, Lincolnshire, born 11 years before the NHS

“I qualified as a doctor during the war. Before the NHS, a significant proportion of patients came into A&E because they could not afford to pay for a doctor. Only public health advice was free and treatment of contagious diseases. The post-war Labour government changed all that.” - Patricia, 93, London, born 27 years before the NHS

Please note: your baby number is only our best estimate, using census data. We’re also assuming you’re one of the 97% of babies born on the NHS.

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The NHS is Britain’s most trusted institution. But with rising waiting times, creeping privatisation and services being lost, now is the time to fight for the survival of our NHS.

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