The Tories have slashed council funding, meaning there’s less money for the local services you and your family need.

Find out how council cuts have hit your household and your neighbourhood.

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The Tories have slashed funding to

Thanks to this Tory government, your council has lost...

per household since 2010

across the whole council since 2010

In , you live in one of just six places in the country where funding hasn’t been slashed. But for , it’s a different story…

is how much their council has lost since 2010

is the amount English councils have lost, on average

In , the Tories have under-funded your council and they’re spending less on your household than they were in 2010. And across the country, the picture is grim.

is how much your household has lost since 2010

is the amount councils have lost, on average

That money could have paid for...

  • care workers in the home
  • filled potholes

Shocked by Tory cuts to our vital local services?
So are we.

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