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For years, the Tories have allowed our industries to decline, and businesses to go without the support they need, meaning that important industrial contracts are going overseas. But we’ve got a plan to take our skills, workforce and economy into the future. The plan is simple: Build it in Britain.

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Posted by Facebook on Friday, December 5, 2014


The amount the Tories spend a year on private sector contracts. That money could be spent with British companies, boosting our economy.


The amount of money that would be returned to the UK taxpayer if three Royal Navy support ships were built in Britain.


When we build in Britain, British workers win. The Royal Navy support ship jobs would be 45% better paid than the average for all jobs.


Germany and France have proved that building in-house boosts innovation and strengthens the economy. It’s time for Britain to reap these benefits too and become a world leader in industrial innovation.

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