Tell Grant Shapps:
Save London's Transport

Once again, the Conservatives are failing Londoners by not providing TfL with the funding it needs.  

Here's what is happening:

Londoners did the right thing during the pandemic by staying at home. But because many commuters have not returned to the office five days a week, TfL fares have plummeted. 

Shamefully, the Conservatives are still refusing to provide the long-term funding deal  that TfL requires to keep services running.

TfL's lack of funding means 10% of Tube services and 1 in 5 bus routes are at risk of closure. 

That's why we're calling on Grant Shapps to provide TfL with the funding it needs and protect the vital public transport services Londoners rely on. If TfL goes into decline it won't just hit London, it will hit our national economic recovery and impact the over 43,000 jobs created by TfL’s supply chain across the country.

Agree? Add your name to email Grant Shapps and tell him: save London’s transport. 

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