Tell Priti Patel:
Protect vulnerable children

Once again, the Conservatives are failing vulnerable children.

Here's what is happening:

Bowing to pressure from Labour, the Conservatives promised to protect an expected 3,000 vulnerable children travelling to the UK on their own under the Alf Dubs amendment

But shamefully, the Conservatives closed the scheme early in 2020 after accepting only around 480 children.

Now, Priti Patel wants to go further and stop protecting vulnerable children, by stripping away safe and legal routes to reach the UK.

This will force people to take the most dangerous routes imaginable.

That's why we're calling on Priti Patel to bring back the Dubs amendment – and protect vulnerable children.

Agree? Add your name to email Priti and tell her: protect children travelling to the UK on their own.

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