For too long, the creative arts have been squeezed out of the mainstream curriculum, preventing many young people from receiving quality arts and creative education. 

That's why an open letter signed by over 100 artists has been published by the Guardian, supporting Labour's plan for equal access to the arts.

Labour’s opportunity mission will focus on delivering a world class education and skills strategy that will grow the talents of every child. 

We will modernise the curriculum, so young people from all backgrounds will have access to music, art and drama until they are 16.

The next Labour government will break down the barriers to opportunity for every child at every stage, so that your future is not limited by your background.

If you support Labour’s plan for equal access to the arts, add your name today.

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See the full list of signatories below:

  • Dawn Airey
  • Beth Alden
  • David Baddiel
  • Steve Ball
  • Becky Barber

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